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SunPKCS11 and accepts the full pathname of a configuration file as an argument . To use the provider, you must first install it by using the Java Cryptography  Configuration - Accessing Network Security - Disabling PKCS#11 - Token Login. static final Debug debug = 59h2o.comtance("sunpkcs11");. private static int dummyConfigId;. // the PKCS11 object through which we make the native calls. 59h2o.comficate. 59h2o.comre. public static void go(final String config) throws Exception { 59h2o.comileged(new PrivilegedAction() { public Object run() { SunPKCS11 provider = new SunPKCS11(config); 59h2o.comvider(provider); return.

SunPKCS11 is located in the sun package which marks it as proprietary to Sun Java implementation and is not part of the standard Java API. 59h2o.comnPKCS11 - PKCS#11 provider main class. getInstance("sunpkcs11"); private static int dummyConfigId; // the PKCS11 object through which we make the native calls final PKCS11 p11; // name of the.

This java examples will help you to understand the usage of 59h2o.com SunPKCS These source code samples are taken from different open source. A DESCRIPTION OF THE REQUEST: Java 6 for Windows 64 bit was lacking in support for 59h2o.comnPKCS11 feature and actually missing the. 3 Jan PKCS11 is a standard that defines platform-independent API to cryptographic tokens such as hardware security modules. SoftHSM is a. Hello, I'm migrating an application from Tomcat 6 to JBoss AS 7. I'm using the same jdk, jdk_ I have the following problem. SunPKCS11 is either in normal mode or in NSS Secmod mode. // Secmod is activated by specifying one or more of the following. // options in the config file.


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